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How a Random Number Generator Can Set You Free

The Randonauts, a rapidly growing community of computer scientists, digital artists, and explorers, have found a way to escape the trap of our unwittingly predetermined lives.

With a quantum random number generator and some guidance from a bot, you can escape your prearranged paths and explore new possibilities.

Universal Basic Income & Other Gifts We Have To Imagine To Make Them Real

If we can’t imagine the gifts we wish to give to the world, then they will never exist. If we don’t have stories or poems to share about making radical changes in our lives, those changes will never happen.

Is Netflix’s Cluster 290 the future of fandom?

Instead of single fandoms, Netflix divides its 125 million global viewers into “taste clusters” or “taste communities.” The streaming giant hasn’t revealed much about the content of these nearly 2,000 microcommunities.

How ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ Series Helps Some Cope with Family Trauma

“Damp sentimentality” doesn’t capture the show’s powerful effect for some survivors of family trauma. Some viewers see forced resolution in the show’s emotionally charged final episodes, but others found relief.

Photo by Rey Seven on Unsplash

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